Appointments FAQ

YES!! Appointments are required. If you want to visit us, call and check availability. We normally have openings during the week but week-ends fill-up in advance. All appointments will be prioritized. If you did not make an appointment, we will try our best to accommodate you. If there is not an opening, we will work to schedule one while you are here in the store.

To make an appointment, you can either call us at 812-853-1800 or request an appointment online by clicking here. Please note it is an appointment request. You should receive an e-mail confirmation when the date and time have been accepted.

NO! There is no fee required to book a bridal appointment. However, we do ask for a valid card on file before we book your bridal appointment. If your appointment is cancelled within 24 hours prior or if you are not present after 25 minutes of your scheduled time, we will charge a $35 cancellation fee.


  • Bridal First Appointment are 90 minutes long with the following appointment times:
    • Monday-Friday: 10a, 12p, 4p, and 2p (cst)
    • Friday-Saturday: 10a, 12p, and 2p (cst)
    • Sunday: 12p and 2p (cst)
  • Bridal Follow-Up Appointments are 60 minutes long and available on the hour with your bridal consultant.
  • Bridal Try-On Appointments are made when your gown has arrived with your bridal consultant. They are 60 minutes long and available on the hour.


  • Consultation/Picking-out are 90 minutes long and available on the hour.
  • Measuring typically takes 30 minutes but depends on the number of people.


  • Consultation/Picking-out are 60 minutes long and available on the hour.
  • Measuring typically takes 30 minutes but depends on the number of people.
  • If you plan on bringing in more than 3 people, we highly recommend making an appointment on the weekdays to make sure we can accommodate you in a timely manner. All appointments are required on the weekend.

We understand that shopping for your wedding dress is a very special time. While we have seating for up to six guests comfortably in 2 bridal suites, we recommend bringing your closest friends and/or family members whose opinion you value. Bringing more than three to four guests can take the focus off of you.

Our Recommendation of what to bring to your Bridal Appointment:

We have developed the following list of eight things you should bring to your bridal appointment. Please be assured this list was prepared with your comfort in mind and to give you the best experience at Ella Park Bridal.

  1. Appropriate underwear as your bridal consultant will be assisting you in the dressing room.
  2. Undergarments if you plan on wearing them during on your wedding day. We believe "less is more" that day as our gowns have cups already inserted in the gown. If you are wanting anything more, bring them as they can alter the fit of the dress.
  3. Anything you have decided to wear because it has sentimental value (i.e. pair of shoes, veil, jewelry). You will want it to match your dress.
  4. Shoes with approximate heel height that you know you will want to wear that day. Some of our designers can make the dress in the height that you want. They do not have to be actual shoes but just the heel height.
  5. Wear just enough makeup to make you feel pretty--but do not go overboard. Remember you will be slipping in and out of dresses so you do not want to get it on them.
  6. Hair tie if you are planning an up-do.
  7. Inspirational photos to help the Consultant get a better idea of what you are looking for.
  8. Closest and most-trusted family and friends as we have seating for 3 or 4 in your bridal suite. Remember that the final decision is yours and too many guests can cause confusion.

Yes! We are located on the ground floor - Street level.

While we love children (and many of us have our own!) we kindly request that children under the age of eight not be in accompaniment during bridal appointments. For appointments where children are included in the wedding party, such as bridesmaids, flower girls, and tuxedo fittings, we welcome your respective little ones! Due to the delicate nature of the merchandise in our boutique, it is imperative that children remain under adult supervision at all times

Food & beverages of any kind are not allowed in our store. If you arrive with cups of coffee or snacks you will be asked to leave them at the front counter. No carry-in champagne or alcoholic beverages are allowed during appointments. Bottled water is allowed assuming it is contained.

Clear beverages are welcome to accompany you to your appointment, but we will request they be kept a safe distance away from all merchandise. We offer bottled water for your convenience

Of course! Make sure to use our hashtag #EllaParkBride if you say "Yes to the Dress!"

Please note that there are a few Preview trunk shows that do not allow photos. See your consultant if participating in one of these exclusive shows.

Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, brides with a quick wedding date have more options than ever before! Several of our designers offer in-stock and rush options to get it here quicker than standard timing. Your expert bridal consultant will guide you through this process. We also have a beautiful selection of gowns that can be purchased off-the-rack for a discount.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Several of our designers offer rush shipping and/or in-stock options in limited color and sizes.


Ella Park Bridal offers wedding dress samples from size 6 to 30. Brides will be able to special order her wedding dress from size 0 to 32 and 14W to 32W.


Ella Park Bridal offers bridesmaid samples from size 0 to 30. Your bridesmaids will be able to special order her gown from size 0 to 32 and 16W to 30W. We also offer junior and maternity bridesmaid dresses.