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Ella Park Bridal cautions prospective brides who are enticed by discounted designer dresses found on the internet. While the web is a great research tool, we warn that some wedding dresses sold online are less expensive because they are often times counterfeit or poor quality reproductions. Every reputable designer will warn you against purchasing any wedding dresses through a non-authorized retailer!


Ella Park Bridal has joined in the fight to protect U.S. consumers by unifying with The American Bridal and Prom Industry Association (ABPIA). This organization, lead by Stephen Lang, CEO of Mon Cheri, initiated legal action against thousands of Chinese websites purportedly selling authentic wedding gowns. "In reality these gowns are nothing more than cheap imitations. When the box finally arrives, the bride realizes the mistake."




Price: Pay close attention to the advertised retail price. Retail prices should be consistent across all authorized retailers. If you discover a store or website that offers a brand name dress substantially lower than others, assume that the dress is a low quality counterfeit fake. Also, be aware of words like "inspired by", "imitation", "fake" and "similar to" that appear on the store's website or advertisement.

Store Location: Visit the brand name's "Where To Buy" webpage (or store locator). If the store, web page or retail company in question is not listed, it may be part of a counterfeit operation.

Authenticity: Challenge the authenticity of the brand name being advertised. Every authentic dress will bear a hang tag and inside garment label with the brand’s logo. If your dress is missing a tag or label, it may be a fake reproduction. Also, double check the spelling of the brand being represented.

Pictures: Take note of the pictures displayed on the website or advertisement. If the imagery used includes a model with a blurred out or pixelated face, cropped off head or displays any other suspicious photo-changing feature, the website or advertisement may be selling counterfeit dresses.

Contact Information: Visit the website’s Contact Us page. An address in the United States as well as a telephone should be listed, not just an email address. It is also important to double check that the telephone number is not being forwarded to another foreign country.