Suit And Tux Measurements

Gathering measurements is easy when you follow along with our helpful measuring video.

Before we begin, you'll need...


This is important! For accurate results for yourself, you'll need to ask someone to do the measuring for you. Follow the instructions on the video carefully. The accuracy of your measurements will ensure a properly fitted ensemble.


Measurements for Tuxedo and Suit Rentals


Move your arms outward. Place tape under arms and around the broadest part of the chest. Then make sure the arms are down to their side after your measuring tape is in the proper location. when the arms are lowered, the tame may slide up to 1" greater. Do not place any fingers between tape and chest.
Stand straight up and relax (don't flex your pecs). With a shirt on, place the tape around the broadest part of the chest and shoulders. Do not place any of your fingers between the tape and the chest. This measurement is critical for those with overly broad shoulders.
If you don't know your coat size, just enter a 0
To measure seat or hips, measure around the fullest part of the seat.
Measure at your belly button. This measurement is used to help size your coat since it has to be wide enough to go around your mid-section so you can button it.
Tuxedo pants have a longer rise than most Dockers or jeans. Measure the waist at the navel. This is the height at which formal trousers are worn. In the event of a large belly, measure the waist where the pants will be worn. Make sure that you do not measure over a belt, wallet, cell phone clip, etc. as this may adversely affect your measurements.
With shoes on (similar to the shoes you will be wearing at the wedding), stand straight up and face forward. Have your helper measure from the waist (level with the navel)to the top of the heel of your shoe. This measurement helps determine the length of the pants and also serves as a guide for coat length.
Waist-In Seam: This is the size when purchasing a pair of jeans or Dockers.
Place tape around neck at the level where the shirt's collar would be buttoned. Note the measurement without any fingers between the tape and the neck and add 1" for the proper shirt size.
When measuring the sleeve length, make sure you start the tape just below the neck, centered with the spine. Make sure that the tape measure goes over the top of the shoulder. Take the tape down the arm to the point of their elbow and then measure an inch and a half past the wrist bone. It is always better to measure long versus short.
Most shoes run true to size but keep in mind the type of sock you'll be wearing. MEN'S MEDIUM: sizes 6.5 to 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 MEN'S WIDE: sizes to 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15 BOYS: sizes 1 to 6 TODDLER: sizes 8 to 13.5

PAYMENT OF RENTAL: After you submit your measurements, you will receive a copy of this form. Generally your order will be created in our system within 24-48 hours after submission. Once we've created your rental order, you will receive an email of your order showing the balance due.

It is your responsibility to call our store at 812.853.1800 to pay a minimum $100 non-refundable deposit using a valid credit card. Your rental will not be placed until you've paid $100.

WHEN WILL MY RENTAL ARRIVE: Rentals are normally available by Wednesday at 10am when our store opens. We will TEXT you when your rental is here and ready to be tried on and picked up. Merchandise must be picked up by closing time on Friday (5pm CST).

MEASUREMENTS NOT PERFORMED BY ELLA PARK BRIDAL STAFF: Ella Park Bridal does not accept responsibility for the fit of merchandise where the customer was not measured by our staff.

WHAT IF SOMETHING DOESN'T FIT: If replacement parts are needed, a $10 replacement fee will be charged to your credit card on file. The replacements will be shipped to Ella Park Bridal on Friday generally by noon via UPS.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we have until Thursday 5pm CST to order replacements that can be delivered on Friday. To avoid additional shipping fees, we recommend arriving by Thursday at 4pm.

RETURNING RENTAL: Rentals must be returned on Sunday (12-5pm CST) or the RETURN DATE printed on your receipt to avoid a daily $50 late fee. Any missing or damaged item(s) will be billed automatically for the replacement cost to the credit card on file for the customer.

STORE HOURS: Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm; Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm (CST)