About Us



Ella Park Bridal is your local one-stop shop for all wedding attire needs. We are female-owned and ran. Elizabeth personally coaches + perfects the bridal process as each employee is hired onto her team.
Her goal is to provide a superior bridal experience.
We believe that in the bridal industry, knowledge is power + we want to pass that on to our brides.
Elizabeth expects her staff to treat everyone who walks through the doors of EPB the same.




When you step through our doors, it is a judgment free zone.
We aim for everyone to feel like their truest self when they are in our space.
Our bridal appointments are an hour and a half long in your own bridal suite with a private dressing room. This means that you + your entourage can enjoy each other throughout the entire bridal process.
We believe that you should feel like the only bride in the store.
Using the wish list tool on our website, as well as our thorough booking process,
we can pair you with a stylist that will best suit your style + understand your bridal vision.


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