Holiday Wedding Decor

Holiday Wedding Decor

Getting married around the holidays gives you a wide range of gorgeous, wintry aesthetics to work with. Finding the perfect ways to give your wedding that subtle, winter look can be tough, but we’re here to give you all the winter decor inspo your wedding needs. 




Greenery is one of the key aspects of your florals, so it’s only fitting to use seasonal evergreen in your bouquet. This adds a natural wintry touch to your decor, blending the florals in with your surroundings perfectly. 




If you’re getting married around Christmas, you can use ornaments without becoming too overly holiday themed! Simple, clear ornaments and twinkling lights suits the elegant feel of a wedding while adding a subtle holiday tone that’s perfect. 




If you’re feeling especially seasonal, but don’t want too much of a holiday look, oranges are in season and when dried can add the perfect pop of color to your wedding. Placed on your cake or scattered in a bouquet, oranges might be the perfect final touch to your decor. 

Deep Purple



An unexpected but gorgeous color for holiday weddings, deep burgundy and purple shades fit the winter look without giving your wedding an obviously holiday look. If you’re a boho bride planning a winter wedding, this color palette is perfect!